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In The Village Though We Make Up Numbers For Cities .​.​.

by Asleep.

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34 03:47
open the door don’t close it before a crash on the losing street blood on a white sheet is this what you need is this what you are don’t worry about a thing just worry about yourself it must have been around valentine when you lost your mind going out what is it all about no need to rest kissing a chest feeling funny taking the money say she’s a honey burn yourself in the dark behind the shelf one week can change everything you dance alone one week of thinking you're a spoon you dance alone a light so small a bass so loud a week of losing a friend
Crack 04:26
something`s uneasy the way you look at me something’s uneasy the way you talk to me the way you walk with me something`s uneasy I want you to know it was never quite like this before I will never be the same again go back to the start in the evening we`re meeting at the station we`re late if you say so I`ll never be late again and in the morning someone`s rehearsing the violin next door I walk out this door I`ll never do it again for you this beat isn't available at the moment I couldn`t imagine someone`s loving not to take it all I don`t wanna listen to your cruel insults this is the current rate this is the current rate
Fear Of Hope 03:36
on a cloudy day you’re throwing stones at me and nothing is easy start to live and you will see feeling nothing forever as long as you live I will love will you? you feel something a beginning you remember how and you see it will be easy and then you do and you are throwing stones back into the sea why are you singing songs for no one? to be or not to be fear of hope is that the only excuse that you can give? feeling nothing forever as long as you live I will hope will you?
Smile 04:21
you have to be everybody's darling please don’t get me wrong you’ve got a second smile I hope to find that one you have to be everybody's darling don’t be afraid I’ll tell noone I wonder if you’re thinking about me how many guys wrote a song for you? let me play, let me act let me sing, let me give I talked to you in the death of winter I was fascinated by the colour of your lips you and me we walked over splinters but this ain’t the movies this ain’t the clips she drinks, she lies she smokes, she cries we're going to jump over bridges we're going to dive to get high we're going to smile to understand each other doesn't it make you smile I only want an embarrassed one doesn't it make you smile even when the sun doesn't shine maybe that’s your show but all I really know is that you even smiled
running in water straight through the laughter fissured lips strings in my fingertips the line of most resistance everyone who listens we’ll make the record yeah yeah whatever we’ll assume no liability if you aquire a taste for it give a call when your unambitious souls fall apart no one will answer but you must try make love with the speakers make love with us we’re officially nominated to carry you through yeah yeah whatever criminal record whatever it takes that’s what we'll do
hey, do you have a minute? I'm not sure you've heard that she likes it on the kitchen floor so go home my dear and bring her the stars fill up the void take her to mars she will smile again right away hey, I think we're sick we just want to say that we all have small dicks so go home my dear we'll bring you the stars we'll fill up the void and we'll take you to mars and she will smile again right away
Expensive 03:58
be yourself be a robot control your emotions don’t think about hunger that you don’t have the global player is spinning around make your own meaning it’s not going to stop make a new beginning let all these problems drop the global player is playing his song and he’s got an angry sound come with us jump on to the machine don’t look back and start to live it we are responsive we are expensive we are primitiv we are expensive not a bit sensitive we are expensive there’s nothing that we will give the first time is always hard let yourself go make a new start it’s a number that counts it’s your performance don’t think about hunger that you don’t have the global player is spinning around the global player is screaming his song and he’s got an angry sound the global player is an expensive one
Eudaimonia 03:22
the dream it was the beat we felt the luck we shared the bed we made the hate we’ve wasted the key you broke the thing that hurts strawberry and cheese won’t go together let it go don’t wait till december car crash I fall asleep and dream of waking up I drive so far I drive to you you wait in the park our sweetest taboo the hand that shivers the wheel that turns the noise it makes the ride we took the wheel that turns the hand that shivers the heart that burns the noise it makes my stereo dreams they keep rolling and now in another world it’s not even close to what it was meant to be I’m not easy believe me it concerns me an exclusive right to be just someone to be the second one you don’t deserve me bitch you’re not an emergency just someone to practice on and if this is even sort of a communication I disconnect thank you we’ve seen enough we will call you and if the phone rings you’ll know it’s not me
What If 03:54
what if he believed that dancing trees speak to him what if he could never answer anything would he lay on the ground forgetting he’s alive it seemed easy to try what if he tumbled and rushed down a slope what if he overcame loosing all his hope what if he never talked to someone again it seemed that easy to try when he’s standing at the edge not knowing what to do they’re not waiting like they used to sometimes these moments seem to last he thinks forwards as backwards both ways to past
empty red chairs allthough I’m alone I’m sitting in my seat second last row the number on my ticket guided me there it’s a good view I guess going to the theatre on a Monday afternoon in front of me ten times taller than me the close up of her made-up make-up face first scene the man hums old music a woman is passing by heading for the gate to Massachusetts flashing lights whenever she walks by you can see the attraction in his eyes in front of me ten times taller than me the close up of her made-up make-up face the place is empty no popcorn on the floor while traffic is rolling I’m in front of the score people are working what am I doing here? she always wears t-shirts with stupid words on them rich or nasty or the name of her city she doesn’t belong there words can change their meaning to much make-up way to much make-up for a girl he’s just looking at her she’s standing on a stare always trying not to look at her while she’s not looking at him at all it’s ok looking through her windows between people can change
Duffy 03:28
he was so fucking educated he was so fucking west this was all he knew it was not the best he had nice clothes and the girls liked him he thought he liked them too maybe he's the lucky one he wanted to leave this town it's one of the best he was so fucking important he was so fucking smart this was all he knew he was just a big part who knows his murderer who touched bloody skin we know his assassin but we didn't let her in we didn't let her in everyday choices he walked away from filled glasses she fired duffy with a quickness his tie was too long the floor is full of paintings now she's alone she fired duffy with a quickness his tie was too long
Move 04:02
one hand in the sky one’s clapping a beat two eyes open to see the light three words to feel complete the spirit that moves us four seasons to live like a king four of a kind alright five cards to play in our hands six beers for a beautiful night the spirit that moves us seven days to build this place eight-nine-ten fingers to grab what we can eleven as a sign how to decide twelve months in transparent light the spirit that moves us it’s over when it’s over we don’t mind that we could fall chances we have them all the worst case is not that bad after all the spirit that moves us
Time 02:32
years and years stop and go living between sun and shadow we give our heart we use our strength learning how to spend years and years stop and go we won’t lose our smile no more we give our heart we use our strength learning how to spend time


released October 28, 2008

music by asleep.
asleep. are: Fabio Andres, Nicolas Sciarrone, Marius Lapagna, Fabian Koller, Patrik Schmid.
lyrics by Patrik Schmid & Fabio Andres.
recorded at Sound Development Studios Zurich.
produced by Roman Frischknecht & asleep.
mastered by Dan Suter at echochamber Zurich.
artwork by Stephan Walter, Radionacional.
label: kuenschtli.ch / Irascible (CH)



all rights reserved



Asleep. Zürich, Switzerland

Asleep. is a rock band from Zurich, Switzerland, est. 1999

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